Welcome to the FORBPO web site.  If you're a member you will be able to interact with the web site using your own unique password. Please keep a record of that password.  You will not have to be signed in to look at most things, but if you want to check your dues status, change your mailing address or view the membership roster, you will HAVE to be signed in.

For those of you who are new to FORBPO or are not familiar with the organization, we are a fraternal organization, meaning we get together mainly to socialize and enjoy being together.  We all share past experience with the Border Patrol, whether as an officer, inspector, agent or spouse. You will find a link to our FaceBook page, and if you are already a FORBPO member, just make a request on the FORBPO Closed Group FB page and we will bring you in.  We ask that you keep comments non-political and fit for polite society consumption. 

Final Days to Secure Your Commemorative Glock 47

Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of U.S. Border Patrol history. The deadline to purchase the exclusive Centennial Commemorative Glock 47 is April 20, 2024. This authentic, specially designed Glock 47, complete with unique features and engravings, is available exclusively for eligible members. For details and to place your order, visit the Border Patrol Museum's Centennial Commemorative Weapon Page. Act now to add this significant piece to your collection.

Looking Forward to San Antonio in 2025:

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming El Paso conference, we are also excited to announce that San Antonio will be the host city for the 2025 FORBPO Conference. While the exact date is yet to be determined, we are looking forward to bringing our community together again in this city renowned for its rich history and vibrant culture. More details will be shared as they become available. Stay tuned for updates and we hope to see you there!